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Style Arts Participated Theme Park Project, Doha Oasis Quest Indoor Theme Park Opened !

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The classic theme park project, Doha Oasis Quest Indoor Theme Park, officially opened to the public in July!



Doha Oasis is a unique and extraordinary high-end integrated development project invested by Halul Estate Development Co. Ltd in Doha, Qatar. The project is located in Musharieb District, the heart of Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar. The uniqueness of the project is that it integrates residential, commercial and entertainment functions, and has an indoor theme park with a high-end apartment complex, a five-star hotel and a shopping center.



In 2018, Style Arts was fortunate to participate in the theming work of the Doha Oasis Quest Indoor Theme Park, responsible for the design development, product production& supply and on-site construction of most of the theming work of the park. Style Arts gathers collective wisdom and with our many years of experience in park theming. It has successfully cooperated with multiple international teams, including:n-Fusion、F&G、AECOM、AURECON、Gensler、REDCOALMANA, etc., and has been highly praised by the owners in terms of design development, implementation, and project management!



The park is divided into 3 time dimensions. Oryxville is a portrayal of the ancient Arab past. City of Imagination focuses on the present, and Gravity provides the door to the future. Our works include all of Oryxville, 80% of the city of imagination, and 20% of Gravity. The total project volume accounts for 60% of the entire 28,000 square meters of Qatar's first and largest indoor theme park.




Due to the uniqueness and complexity of the project, the requirements and design of each dimension of the park involve a variety of different materials and production methods. The content of the work involves many different professional knowledge and technologies, and the collision of materials and technical structures in the art packaging process, which increase the challenges of project management ability. Therefore, we deploys an elite team with rich work experience in building international theme parks, including company managers, top sculptors, designers, engineers, and theme paint producers, etc., to strictly control every aspect of the project's progress.





The BIM project management system is adopted to accurately simulate the specific situation of the architectural art's shape and structure, solve the on-site collision problems and cross-operation problems in advance, effectively save construction time and construction costs, and ensure the efficient completion of the project.

















The smooth completion of the Doha Oasis Comprehensive Park project has once again enriched our company's experience in the implementation of high-quality overseas projects and the experience of working with multiple international teams. We will continue to forge ahead and achieve more outstanding engineering cases!