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Good news : Style Arts - First Articles of "Jinwan Huafa Business Center Project" have been acceptanced by client

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    On the morning of May 31st 2020, Style Arts conducted the first product acceptance and review meeting for the “Jinwan Huafa Business Center Project”. The project owner team, the project general contractor, and other important project members were all present.



    The Jinwan Huafa Business Center Project is located in the heart of Zhuhai Aviation New Town, an excellent location near the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge. With the prime lakeside natural environment combined with a strong commercial atmosphere, the architectural design will maximize the visual journey for visitors as well as harmonize the lakeside natural atmosphere and the commercial aspects. Style Arts will undertake the construction of the GRC wall project, covering 138888.71㎡total.




   Before the first product review, in order to ensure the perfect finishing, our company project department and production department held many meetings and consultations focused on technical disclosures, clearly laying out responsibilities and standardizing processes. In the production stage, we held strict quality control standards, improved efficiency, referenced design and project requirements, ultimately achieving high quality and efficiency. On May 31st during the first product acceptance and review meeting, the general contractor and project managers conducted an on-site review. Our products not only passed the acceptance criteria but were highly recognized and praised. 




   In future projects, Style Arts will continue to maintain high standards and high quality construction and process, and we always hope to present our customers with the best quality products.