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Pandemic control is our mission as we return back to work.

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The sudden virus outbreak during Chinese New Year disrupted everyone’s work and life. 

Style Arts quickly set up a group for pandemic prevention and control, led by our general manager.

We spare no effort in preventing and controlling this virus while slowly and safely resuming work.





On February 17, the company began to resume operations while     

following strict rules and work requirements from the goverment.

Our company strictly carried out various pandemic prevention and control protocols,

and have made every effort to protect our employees’ health during business operations.







The company is resuming operations back to normal.


he factory gradually resumes production.


 Employee health monitoring

Every employee must wear masks, which are provided by the company.

Every single employee is arriving to work 30 mins early for a temperature test,

 If the temperature is higher than 37.2 celsius, the employee will be send home.

If the temperature is normal and the employee feels no other symptoms,

they are allowed to enter the company grounds.




 For office areas, production workshops, meeting rooms, hallways,

stairs, canteen, dormitory and other public areas,

disinfection is done at least 2 times a day.


 Employee dining management

 During the virus pandemic

Style Arts is staggering time during meals to administer proper crowd control.

We have prohibited more than two people passing and gathering,

and all employees need to bring their own tablewares to further ensure dining safety.


Anti-epidemic materials



Posters for prevention and guidances

Banners and posters are everywhere in the factory and the company,       

and are filled with information on the prevention and control of COVID-19.

The entire company has entered the "anti-epidemic" state!





Guidance from government staff

 Before resuming work,

government officials and staff have come to inspect and guide us on pandemic prevention work.

Our manager greets everyone and reports our company’s pandemic prevention standards,

 following the government outline to provide the safest working environment.




Picture showing the Pandemic situation around Style Arts.




Style Arts is dedicated to helping and protecting our employees and communities

 while returning back to work.            

 Together we will fight and win this pandemic.