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Style Arts Perfectly Shows Up at Asian Attraction Expo

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Style Arts participated Asian Attraction Expo 2018 conducted by IAAPA Association of the United States Held at Expo Avenue, Hong Kong, June 6-8, 2018. This was a grand gathering of PALACE-LEVEL amusement parks and related industries in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 300 Top enterprises in amusement parks from around the world, Jointly showcase new ideas and innovative products in the industry.
More than 8,000 professionals from different fields in amusement parks and scenic spots from 50 countries and regions participated, exchanged and discuss the latest business content and the future development direction of theme parks.
The exhibits of this exhibition from Style Arts were the original monolithic architectural elements, the main material was GRP. Mainly imitation wood structure and imitation stone effect, combined with the decorative effect of the original tribal elements horns and the old building's distressed effect, using the early seam welding process to restore the original style of the building; The display of the TCP template, from the overall to the detail display and processing, highlights Style Arts’ understanding of design and styling, but also reflects the quality and ability of Style Arts’ company's architectural construction and art packaging.
The building's lifelike wood and stone-like effects, as well as the atmosphere and vivid architectural appearance, also attracted a lot of exhibitors to pay attention to the exhibition.
SA offers design development, product manufacturing, installation services and is the largest GRC, GRP, GRG, TCP theme park and architectural art packaging production company in China. In recent years, SA has participated in several international projects: Shanghai Disneyland, Lisboa Hotel Macau, Louis XIII Hotel Macau, The Venetian Macao, Chimelong Zhuahai &  Chimelong Guangzhou, East Tower K11 Shopping & Art Center Guangzhou, Al-Qatami’s Palace Kuwait etc. The perfect display in the project not only highlights the new self-innovation and development, but also the high confidence of the owners and customers in our products and service capabilities.