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Fengwu Sui

Graduated from university in 1983, majored in mechanical design and manufacturing. He studied in Beijing Institute of technology in 1985 -1986. In 1992-2002, he served as deputy chief of equipment division of China Ordnance Industry Corporation branch factory,deputy director of workshop, deputy director of Research Institute, director .He joined the Guangdong Artists Association in 2005. In 2006, he joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd., and served as overseas project manager. In 2012-2013, he served as deputy director of quality control of Guangzhou Style Arts.Project experience : 2006 Malaysia green group project;2007 India Gaopalang Trade Center project;2008 India city Sigeniteerta business class Jianuer center project;2009 Bhutto seaside park project, Pakistan, Karachi;2011-2012 Kuwait seaside MBH seven star hotel project; Design of steel structure of Shanghai Disney project in 2014; 2014-2016 Guangzhou dong-ta modeling tree project. Performance: In 1987 , design and trial production of NF-50 type micro mixer, won the certificate of quality products in Hunan. In 1997, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with Beijing Academy of Sciences, have restructured an American Railway paver, which fills the gap in this field in China. In 2004, oil painting works "western customs", in Guangdong calligraphy, art photography exhibition won Silver Award.
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Chief Engineer, Engineering Technology Department
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