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Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, cultures, and backgrounds. Together, we have achieved outstanding artistic works through a highly collaborative, creative working method.

Tao Zhu

In 2001, graduated from the department of sculpture of Guangzhou Lingnan Academy of Fine Arts, and got further study in
the sculpture department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2002.Member of the Asian modern sculptors association, member of Hunan artists association, member of Hunan youth artists association and personal data was collected in National Talents Database.
In 2009, "The Eagle Is a Thousand Years" in the exhibition of the tan Qianqiu sculpture competition;
In 2011, "The White Stone Old" was selected for the 90th anniversary of the Hunan province art exhibition.
In 2012, "Come Back to Yan 'An" was selected to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the art exhibition of Yan 'an literary and art exhibition of Yan 'an.
In 2012, "Mao Zedong and He Zizhen" was selected as the fourth youth art exhibition in Hunan province and won the
bronze prize.
In 2012, "Mao Zedong and He Zizhen " was nominated for the 85th anniversary of the founding of the army and the 12th
national exhibition.
In 2013, "The Wind Dance" was selected as the exhibition of young artists in Xiang-District, Hong Kong and Macao.
In 2014, Joined Guangzhou Style Art Co., Ltd. as the manager of the sculpture department, trained the sculptor, improved
the overall sculpture technology level of the company, and successfully completed all the sculpture art shapes of the Louis XIII Hotel in Macau.
2015-2016 Mainly responsible for the sculpture prototype of the company's large-scale projects such as Macau Lisboa,
Zhuhai and Guangzhou Changlong.
In 2017 ,Promote digital sculpture and set up a digital engraving center to combine 3D printing and CNC numerical engravingwith manual engraving to shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency.
Sculpture Manager
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Wenkai Xie

Born in 1965, graduated from the sculpture department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts; taught architectural art in the
architecture department of the university; put effort in artistic freelance work since then and have participated in many sculpture and public environment sculpture design and production for many years;The core meaning of design covers the quality of human existence and life;Design, reach to the best in the practice of the training. Sculpting time, shaping the soul, is the first lesson of the artistic career;
In 2005, joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co.,Ltd.; use fresh thinking, classic and modern transportation, create brilliant;
At present: certificated with urban sculpture creation design qualification.
Sculpture Team Leader
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Jianguo Liu

1985-1988, graduated from Changchun Art College;
1989-1992, graduated from Sculpture Department of Tianjin Academy Of Fine Arts;
1993-1996, worked in Tianjin Sculpture Studio;
In 2000, joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd.;Participated in art design and guidance of all significant projects;Strong artistic basics; good at figures, animal modeling sculpture.
Sculpture Team Leader Production Team
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