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Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, cultures, and backgrounds. Together, we have achieved outstanding artistic works through a highly collaborative, creative working method.

Jianlu Pan

2002-2004, worked in China Gezhouba group co., LTD., participated in the construction management of the dam of
Shuibuya hydropower project in Qingjiang, Hubei province;
2005-2006, worked in China Gezhouba group co., LTD., participated in construction management of the dam and underground workshop of the small Tiandu hydropower station in Sichuan province.
2007-2014, worked as the minister of engineering and participated in the office of the engineering department. And responsible for many Hong Kong engineering and Japanese engineering design and engineering prefabricated product
management. For example, the Hong Kong Canton road, Hong Kong tolu harbor project, Hong Kong Disneyland, etc. For
Japanese projects: such as - the Qing Hai project, the middle building of the curtain, the new project of Nagoya, Qinghu project, musashi and engineering, etc.
In 2015, joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd.;Participated in the projects of Shanghai Disneyland, Lisboa Palace Hotel-Macau, Macau Theme Park, Dulwich College in Singapore,and Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom,etc.
Engineering Design Manager
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Huiping Peng

In 2005, graduated from advertising art design major;
In 2006, joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co.,Ltd.;Experienced in architectural appearance overall decoration design;Responsible and participated in designing of the pattern of a number of significant project;Have the aesthetic taste of designing and the work is elegant and exquisite;
2007-2008, creative and detailing design of indoor and outdoor patterns of Al-qatami's Palace, KUWAIT project.
2012-2013 Deepening the design and part of the creative design of the interior and exterior GRG of Changlong Hengqin Bay Hotel; 2014-2015 Deepening design of the Wynn Underground Palace Project and Louis XIII Project.
2015 Deepening the pattern of the Shanghai Disney project; 2016 Deep pattern design of Macao's Lisboa project.
Creative Design Department Design Manager
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Jia Lu

In 2013, graduated from Garden Department of Meizhou Jiaying College;2013-2015.05, worked in Zhuhai Haomen Sculpture
Development co., LTD., as the design leader; assisted the further decoration of Chimelong Sea Kingdom Amusement Park and Shanghai Disney's 401 Fantasy Castle courtyards;
In 2015.05, joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co.,Ltd.;In 2015.10,As the design coordinator of the Lisboa project in Macao, he completed the GRC, GRP project deepening map and production map of the Macao Lisboa project DSC8006-1, DSC8008-3, DSC2008, DSC8012, and coordinated the comprehensive information of the project.
CSD Director Sculpture Team
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