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Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, cultures, and backgrounds. Together, we have achieved outstanding artistic works through a highly collaborative, creative working method.

Jun Feng

Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 1996, bachelor's degree; In 1999, founded "Zai Xian Hui Huang Art Production Co. ltd."; Later renamed the "Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd", specializes in art sculpture and engineering facilities. Chairman of the company, has a professional technical background, many artistic accomplishments and passions. He is a member of Sculpture Art Committee of China artists association, Member of Glass Art Committee of China artists association. Member of Gaoling Ceramic Art Association International Ceramics Microstructure.
Chairman & General Manager
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Susan He

Graduated from the painting department of Hunan Normal University in 1996, bachelor's degree; In 1996, inaugural serving the city of Guangzhou Heng Fu school as an art teacher; In 2005, founded "Style Arts"; 2005-2010 - appointed as Marketing director of Style Arts co., ltd. 2010 - appointed as Deputy General Manager. Since then she has been constantly improving the management system and operation flow of the company. She is also in charge of the design team and has worked on a few major projects as the art director.
Vice-General Manager (Engineering)
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Hao Shu

Graduated from Hunan jishou university in 1998, majored in Arts; In 1999, designer and Site supervisor in Changsha Sanhe Design Co. Ltd; In 2005, joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd; Deeply understands requirements and standards of industrial art, constantly improves process of production; proficient in material performance; experienced in the production and distribution of engineering projects.
Vice-General Manager (Engineering)
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Robert Leong

Bachelor of Science, Marketing,Texas A&M University, Kingsville, Texas, USA.(Class of 1985) American Society for the Advancement of Project Management-Level-D
2012-2017 Zhuhai Chimelong Investment Development Co. Ltd ,Theming Manager, Field Art Director & Paint Manager Seabird Paradise, Hengqin Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai;Castle 5D Theater, Hengqin Ocean Kingdom,Zhuhai;Open Air Theater, Hengqin Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai;Polar Express, Hengqin Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai;Chimelong Safari, Panda Mountain Panyu, Guangzhou;Chimelong Safari, 4D Theater Panyu,Guangzhou;himelong Safari Cable Car South, East and North Stations, Panyu, Guangzhou.2005-2012 Themeworks International Ltd,Project Manager/Art Director Hong Kong Disneyland Grizzly Gulch, 2011-2012- Theme Painting, GRP production and installation;The Venetian Resort Parcel 5&6,Macau,2010-2011- ThemePlaster and Theme Painting;ResortWorldSentosa,Singapore,2010- Theme and Special Effect Lighting;Universal Studios Jurassic Park, Singapore, 2010-Theme Plaster, Rock Work and Theme PaintingCity of Dreams, Hyatt Hotel, Macau, 2009-2010- Hardscape at pool deck and main entrance;The Venetian Resort Parcel 2- Paiza Mansion, Macau, 2008- 2009-VenetianPlaster and Aging Effect; The Venetian Resort Parcel1 Facade,Macau,2006-2008- Venetian Plaster,Theme Plaster, Theme Painting and Aging Effect; 2003-2005 Agru (Thailand) Co. Ltd.Director of International Sales and Marketing 1999-2002 General Vinyl Industries Sdn. Bhd. General Manager 1995-1992 Milnes Industries Sdn Bhd. Deputy General Manager.
Project & Technical Director Field Art Director
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In 1996, he graduated from the Arts Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute with a bachelor's degree.
In 2006, he joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd.
In 2007, as the general manager of Chengdu Branch, mainly serving the real estate projects under the ZHIXIN Group and Hope Group to complete GRC and GRG products;
In 2015,Participated in the project of Macau Venetian.
In 2015, he was the project manager of the GRC and Gold Foil project of the Standard Room and VIP Room of Louis XIII Hotel in Macau; From detail design, product production to on-site construction and installation services, also have a deep understanding of the operation of the project.
Now:National first-class interior designer;Member of Sichuan Sheng Gongyi Meishu Hangye Xiehui;Member of Chengdu Sculpture Association.
Vice-marketing Director
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Jack Lyu

International Marketing Director
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Zheng Jin

In 1999, graduated from Hunan institute of architecture;
2000-2003, studied in Hunan University, majored in Computer Science, bachelor degree; Worked in engineering construction department of Huaihua post office.
In 2003, joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co.,Ltd. as manager of engineering department and be responsible for following domestic engineering project; From 2007 to the present, responsible for the project docking and management with Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd and has rich construction experience.
2014-2015, project manager of Wynn Palace Macau Podium Main Casino Fit Out (GRG). From 2015 to the present, the project manager of Lisboa Palace Podium GRC and South Tower GRP project.
In 2017, project director of the interior dome GRG decoration engineering project of Lisboa Palace project.
Project Director DESIGN TEAM
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Fengwu Sui

Graduated from university in 1983, majored in mechanical design and manufacturing. He studied in Beijing Institute of technology in 1985 -1986.
In 1992-2002, he served as deputy chief of equipment division of China Ordnance Industry Corporation branch factory,deputy director of workshop, deputy director of Research Institute, director .He joined the Guangdong Artists Association in 2005.
In 2006, he joined Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd., and served as overseas project manager.
In 2012-2013, he served as deputy director of quality control of Guangzhou Style Arts.Project experience :
2006 Malaysia green group project;2007 India Gaopalang Trade Center project;2008 India city Sigeniteerta business class Jianuer center project;2009 Bhutto seaside park project, Pakistan, Karachi;2011-2012 Kuwait seaside MBH seven star hotel project; Design of steel structure of Shanghai Disney project in 2014; 2014-2016 Guangzhou dong-ta modeling tree project.
In 1987 , design and trial production of NF-50 type micro mixer, won the certificate of quality products in Hunan.
In 1997, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with Beijing Academy of Sciences, have restructured an American Railway paver, which fills the gap in this field in China.
In 2004, oil painting works "western customs", in Guangdong calligraphy, art photography exhibition won Silver Award.
Chief Engineer, Engineering Technology Department
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