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Good news : Style Arts - First Articles of "Jinwan Huafa Business Center Project" have been acceptanced by client
    On the morning of May 31st 2020, Style Arts conducted the first product acceptance and review meeting for the “Jinwan Huafa Business Center Project”. The project owner team, the project general contractor, and other important project members were all present.
The Covid-19 outbreak is cruel, though Style Arts is filled with love.
In the beginning of Chinese New Year,we experienced a memorable “war” against the pandemic.In the current pandemic situation,Style Arts is fighting with you!As the special occasion International Women’s Day arrived, our company isolated from the virus, but not the love for our employees.We have specially prepared love packages for our female employees,and sent the most sincere blessings and appreciation to our “goddesses”!
Pandemic control is our mission as we return back to work.
The sudden virus outbreak during Chinese New Year disrupted everyone’s work and life. Style Arts quickly set up a group for pandemic prevention and control, led by our general manager.We spare no effort in preventing and controlling this virus while slowly and safely resuming work.