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Themed Cement Plaster(TCP)

Themed Cement Plaster (TCP).  TCP is light in weight, corrosion resistant, and can achieve any shape in the design drawing,Suitable for artificial base surface, such as artificial stone; brick wall structure, concrete surface;Modeling projects in man-made landscapes, including ancient castles, rockery, artificial trees, vines, animal and plant modeling, character sculptures and other parts that need to be landscaped in the tourism industry, It is the key landscaping material for large parks.

STYLEARTS has innovated and developed our own cement brand "Style Arts",a high-performance polymer special mortar, which is mixed with cement, various types of fine sand, plant fiber, glass fiber, and polymers with various properties, It can be scientifically deployed according to different construction environment, artistic effect requirements and process operation requirements.


1、Small Shrinkage, the construction opening time can be adjusted, the adhesion is good, and it is not easy to crack.

2、Easy construction, TCP is directly carved at the construction site, which is convenient for construction.According to customer needs, under the premise of ensuring quality, is reasonable and scientific control of the solid period of mortar can be carried out.

3、 Strong durability, can be scientifically deployed according to various climatic environments, so that the TCP material can be used for decades under severe weather.

4、Artistic expression,The color can be combined with the wet to form a whole, so it is a low-maintenance and durable product. TCP has good corrosion resistance. If the coverage of the reinforced steel rod is 25-50mm on each side, it can be used in harsh or extreme environments.

5、It can be used as Class A fireproof material, and it is a good choice for building exterior walls or paradise landscaping.



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ASTM- (formally known as the International Association of Testing Materials IATM) is an organization of professionals who create international standards covering materials, construction and testing methods for materials.
ASTM---American Society for Testing and Materials PCI-(precast/prestressed concrete intitute) have developed the recommended practices, procedures and standard for GRC
Composites Fabricators Association- A trade association formed in 1979 to provide education and support for composites fabricators in the successful operation of their businesses. The membership is primarily corporate, but also includes consultants and academics. Although CFA covers the entire composites industry, its focus is on fiberglass (GRP) composites.