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Glass Fiber Reinforced plastics(GRP)

Glass Fiber Reinforced plastics(GRP)It is a composite material of thermosetting plastic,It is composed of polymer resin, organic or inert fillers, glass fiber reinforced materials and other combined materials.

GRP has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, fatigue performance, durability and insulation performance, It is suitable for a variety of molding processes, and different formulas can be formulated to adapt to different shapes and production processes.

The biggest advantage of GRP lies in the design flexibility it provides for architects, designers and manufacturers. It can be made into almost any shape, can fully express the fine artistic modeling, and the long-term durability of the material with sprayable surface or overall color.



1、Good strength,It is one of the strongest building materials, consistent with steel or aluminum (glass fiber is stronger than steel compared to kilograms).

2、Light-weight,GRP is a lightweight material, so it requires less labor and a lighter supporting structure or substrate, thereby reducing the cost of construction and installation, and speeding up the construction.

3、Strong weather resistance,Long service life, low curing shrinkage rate of FRP, only 1%~3%, strong adhesion; good for production process, GRP products have excellent dimensional stability.

4、Good insulation,The resistivity and breakdown voltage strength indicators of GRP have reached the standards of electrical insulating materials.It is not affected by electromagnetic effects, does not reflect electromagnetic waves, and has good microwave permeability. In addition, it also has the properties of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and shock absorption.

5、Good corrosion resistance,Very stable in acid, alkali, organic solvent, sea water and other media。

6、Good artistic expression:It can be made into almost any shape, and the parts can be precisely constructed. It can be bent, ribbed, corrugated or perforated. Various surface treatment effects. The surface is easy to paint, it is a low-maintenance, good UV resistance product.

7、Can be used as Class B fireproof material,It is a good material choice for building exterior walls or interior building facade decoration.

8、Environmental protection,It does not release volatiles during curing and is environmentally friendly.

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ASTM- (formally known as the International Association of Testing Materials IATM) is an organization of professionals who create international standards covering materials, construction and testing methods for materials.
ASTM---American Society for Testing and Materials PCI-(precast/prestressed concrete intitute) have developed the recommended practices, procedures and standard for GRC
Composites Fabricators Association- A trade association formed in 1979 to provide education and support for composites fabricators in the successful operation of their businesses. The membership is primarily corporate, but also includes consultants and academics. Although CFA covers the entire composites industry, its focus is on fiberglass (GRP) composites.