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Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum(GRG)

 Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum(GRG), It is a modified fiber plaster decoration material,Using high-quality natural modified gypsum as the base material,Add high-strength alkali-resistant glass fiber and a small amount of environmentally friendly additives,Pre-casting new decorative materials made,It is widely used because of its light weight, good strength, and easy transportation& installation.

GRG Mostly used indoors or in sheltered areas,which can be fabricated in the factory into almost any shape and size. It is Class A fireproof material,The joints can be easily caulked and repaired.

GRG is an economical material,It can be used in architectural applications such as ceilings, pillars, decorative wall panels, domes, sculp-tures, partitions, light troughs and more.



1、Stability. Because GRG's main material is gypsum, which has no corrosive effect on glass fiber,Its dry and wet shrinkage rate is less than 0.01%,Therefore, it can ensure that the product has stable performance, durability, no cracks, no deformation, and long service life.

2、Good plasticity. GRG can be made of any shape and rich effects such as hollowing out, simulation modeling, etc., the surface can be painted in any color, such as spraying paint on the interior facade similar to the shape. The surface of GRG material is smooth and delicate, with a whiteness of over 85%, and it can bond well with various coatings and finishing materials to form a very good decorative effect.

3、Light in mass. The standard thickness of the plane part of GRG products is 6 to 12mm(Special requirements can be thickened),The weight per square meter is only 10.8 to 20kg, which can reduce the weight of the main building and the load of components.

4、High strength. International JC/T799-1998 (1996) decorative gypsum board fracture load is 118N.

5、Fire prevention. GRG material is Class A fireproof material. In the event of a fire, in addition to being flame-retardant, it can also release 15% to 20% of its own weight of water, which can greatly reduce the temperature of the fire surface and reduce fire losses.

6、Good sound insulation. The test shows that the 4mm thick GRG material has a transmission loss of 500Hz 23d, 100Hz 27db; the air-to-dry specific gravity is 1.75. It meets the requirements of professional acoustic reflection. After a good shape design, a good sound-absorbing structure can be formed to achieve sound insulation and sound absorption.

7、Short production cycle. The demoulding time of GRG products is only 30 minutes, and the drying time is only 4 hours.Therefore, the construction period can be greatly shortened.

8、Easy to install,  Good on-site processing performance, quick and flexible installation, can be seamless and densely assembled on a large area to form a complete shape. Especially for the subtle points such as openings, arcs, corners, etc., the perfect realization of artistic effects can be ensured.

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The surface of GRG can be painted in any color, can be made into any shape and rich effects such as hollowing out, simulation modeling, etc.

ASTM- (formally known as the International Association of Testing Materials IATM) is an organization of professionals who create international standards covering materials, construction and testing methods for materials.
ASTM---American Society for Testing and Materials PCI-(precast/prestressed concrete intitute) have developed the recommended practices, procedures and standard for GRC
Composites Fabricators Association- A trade association formed in 1979 to provide education and support for composites fabricators in the successful operation of their businesses. The membership is primarily corporate, but also includes consultants and academics. Although CFA covers the entire composites industry, its focus is on fiberglass (GRP) composites.